Profit Points

Maximize the Six Profit Points of Your Law Firm Now

Profit Point 1: Client Records Management

You work with important client records in a variety of formats: emails, calendars, spreadsheets, and an endless list of other applications. Managing all these wastes time, reducing profitability.

Centralizing is Essential

Centralizing your records cuts down time wasted searching for the right file. It places everything you need in one place, speeding every aspect of your daily operations. Lose the hassle. Increase your profits!

Profit Point 2: Client Billing Management

Sending proper bills to clients is key and should be simple. No bills, no revenue. But in practice, billing can be anything but. Too many firms leave money on the table with poor billing practices.

Capture Your Time. Bill Your Time

Correctly configured billing management makes life easy. Your happy clients will be billed correctly and on time, increasing your profits.

Profit Point 3: Timekeeping

Timekeeping is closely linked to billing, but remains a time drain. As a result, this necessary component of profitable growth is often mishandled.

Make Every Hour Hit the Bottom Line

Today's timekeeping software turns this chore into a painless task that no staff member will complain about. When timekeeping is simple, billable hours increase. Following timekeeping best practices inevitably leads to increased profits.

Profit Point 4: Partner & Staff Productivity

At small - medium law firms, partners and staff can wear multiple hats. Time spent fighting software problems and searching for missing records is not productive or billable.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

When software works FOR the firm instead of AGAINST it, your team is instantly more productive. Even better? Your service level for clients improves, as does your profitability.

Profit Point 5: Marketing & Demographics

Many law firms struggle to know who is hiring them and why. When a prospect contacts you is it clear where they came from? Without the luxury of marketing expertise, you fly blind.

Know Your Next Clients

You don't have to add a Chief Marketing Officer job to your full plate or hire a marketing expert to understand your client base. The right software puts answers at your fingertips, making data collection painless.

Profit Point 6: Tracking Financials

Annual projected financial plans are not just for huge firms. Small and medium practices should create theirs, measuring performance on a regular basis. As Peter Drucker says, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

Understand Your Performance and Profit

Tracking financial performance against a plan, opens opportunities to increase profitability. Whether it's a course correction halfway through a quarter, or ensuring each associate knows their billable hours, proper financial tracking helps you thrive.