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The wrong software is holding back your firm’s profitability

Integrating your documents will prevent misplaced records, misfiled pleadings, and mishandled client communications.

Stop leaving your profits on the table. Properly configured billing software keeps you paid for your hard work.

Deadlines are easy to miss if your firm doesn't operate on a synchronized calendar. Your system must help your practice, not hurt it.

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Tom Busch

You've invested tremendous time, energy, and money into your law firm, and deserve legal software that support your success. But if you're like most firms across the country, technology has let you down, leading to stress, wasted time, and lost billing hours. ProfitPoint Group is here to help.

Helping Law Firms Improve Profitability



For more than 25 years ProfitPoint Group has helped small and medium law firms unlock their true potential. Our clients on average enjoy a 20% increase in revenue in 10% less time. We work hands on to improve your firm's communication, billing, and document management. If you want to spend your working hours with clients instead of systems headaches (and properly bill those hours) contact us today.


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