Case Studies

Endless Costly Updates

A medium-sized California firm contacted ProfitPoint Group to select a new practice management system. Their older version was functional but lacked solid reporting and time entry wasn't easy. They also expressed frustration with the software's fees and frequent upgrades.

In a discovery call, we found the client's time-keeping software required an update every time Microsoft updated Office, thus charging an annual fee. We steered the client to a solution that doesn't require updates or charge an annual fee, while still including all the needed features. The firm lowered their annual costs, while improving efficiency and accuracy.

The Unhelpful Vendor

A client had a general IT vendor install new billing software despite the fact the vendor had no certifications to work with this package. It failed to function properly from the start and the IT vendor was not responsive to help requests.

Our experts with advanced certifications from the software developer immediately determined the problem: incorrect installation. Worse, most of the implementation process had been skipped altogether. After our fix, the firm improved profitability through effective, hassle-free billing.

The DIY Install Nightmare

An estate planning firm bought a practice management package, deciding to install and configure the software using their own resources. But they could not create event-driven tasks to suit their estate planning work, disastrously complicating their operations.

After first verifying the accuracy of the install, we reconfigured the package to properly function. To achieve the firm's goals, our team programmed templates to generate calendar tasks specific to each estate planning client. Additionally, we trained the partners on how to modify future templates themselves.

Downtime? Not An Option

A small firm planned to move from a server-based practice management package to a cloud-based system. Such a transfer requires data migration, but the firm could not afford to take its systems offline for an extended period, fearing what would would happen.

ProfitPoint Group was the firm's ideal partner as we hold advanced certifications in both the software they were migrating to and their original system. This knowledge level gave us the insight and skills to export data from the old system, modify files to suit the new system, and upload it with little downtime. The transition was a complete success.

2 Offices, 1 Software Headache

A new client had two offices located 120 miles apart. Both used PCLaw and Time Matters, but they had different file naming conventions and used features differently. They came to us hoping we could align their software to improve productivity between the locations.

ProfitPoint Group mapped out usages of each software package, addressing areas of difference. We also equipped staff at each location with knowledge to make minor changes themselves, a cost-saving measure. At the same time, our experts enabled software unemployed by either office, automating a cumbersome manual billing process.

A Lawyer Divorces the Firm

Three partners at a 25 associate firm could not agree on the need for practice management software. The feud eventually led a partner leaving the firm. The remaining partners did not have a plan for how to provide him with his client, billing, and case records.

We underwent a discovery process to understand the firm's record keeping, a convoluted system making it hard to identify "ownership" of particular cases. Eventually our experts were able to provide all the appropriate client information to the departing lawyer in his preferred format. After archiving his records at the firm, the remaining partners immediately engaged us to choose the right practice management system.

Eliminating Redundancy

A medium-sized firm suffered major delays due to redundancy of data entry into multiple systems and forms, also introducing a higher chance of errors. (Each transaction was being manually entered and each case required information be added to up to 20 tax forms.)

Our expert immediately recognized the double entry of data was not required. We installed third-party software forming a link between the two systems, eliminating redundant data entry and lessening the chance of mistakes. Also, we built a solution copying client data into tax forms with three clicks, reducing a massive amount of work.